Thursday, May 6, 2010


I wrote the following poem in free time in the previous semester. I thought I had lost it but now I found it back. Read it really carefully and leave some comments.


It was no love at first sight
Nor did it take long for it
It spanned slowly over me
And now she drives me crazy

I love it when I see her
And her elegance binds me,
When my palms rest on her
And fingers move so swiftly

I love the way she runs
So swift and fast,
And how she does multiple tasks
That too all at once

I love it when she shows
All that she owns
Nothing hidden from the master
Of her very soul.

I love to turn her on
And see her beauty
As she works on
For it is her destiny

I even like it when below my hands
I feel her temperature rising
And even as she vibrates
Thanks to the exhaust fan working

Oh! You thought it was a hottie
Well, she is one, but not as your naughty
Thoughts. My lappy is what I speak of

NOTE : Now I assume the title makes sense. Read it again, I hope it'll be more fun once you know the end.