Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beyond me !

There are times when you want something, have wanted it for quite sometime and have always imagined what it would feel like to finally have it. Then, comes a time, when there's an opportunity ; an opportunity to go out and get it; an opportunity to fulfill your dream. Having learnt from a lot of your mistakes in the past, you overcome your fears and leap forward. As you inch closer, its seems more and more plausible that soon the dream would turn into a reality. But then, out of nowhere, something comes in the way; a barrier, a hindrance. You can't get across it without breaking some rules, principles, hearts. But you want it badly, really badly. If only breaking others' hearts was easier than letting that opportunity slip away ; letting the dream remain as such for quite some time , maybe forever.

Through various experiences in life, I have come to know that somethings are beyond my control. People call it fate, I call it the "cumulative effect of others' activities on my life" . Whatever it is, I HATE IT , most of the times !!! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Addicted !!

Recently, I came across a very generic definition of addiction. According to the definition, a person could be called addicted to an activity if these traits could be associated with it :-

  • The lack of the activity causes stress/discomfort/uneasiness.
  • The activity (especially if done after long) causes the feeling of 'relief'.
Another slightly feeble, but important, trait associated with addiction, is the 'denial' of such a dependence on the activity.

Its easy to deduce from the characteristics above (and a little bit of introspection) that I am addicted to the most popular social networking site of our generation, Facebook. I am sure that none of you needs to click on the link of the site to know where it leads. And I am also sure that if anyone of you clicked it, it'll be a while (or worse, never) before you read this line and the ones that follow.

The same discussion which gave me the above definition also highlighted that each addiction has a cause. So what is causing this 'facebook' addiction for us  ( I say 'us', because I know I am not the only one suffering) ?  Looking from a broader perspective, it is in fact an addiction to the 'internet' as a whole, rather than just Facebook (although, that stands out ).

Introspection tells me that one of the major causes of my addiction to Facebook, is the fact that I don't have very good 'conversation' skills. I prefer the delay in 'chats' over the internet excused by false claims of absence, business or ignorance over the silence that prevails once you run out of topics to discuss in a face-to-face interaction. It might be a lousy excuse, but it surely is a valid one. Besides, Facebook lets me overcome that 'lack' of skill and still stay in touch with friends ( some I haven't met in ages ).  What do you think ? What can be other causes for such an addiction ? If you are addicted to 'anything', what do you think is your excuse ?

Now the question is, if I know that I am addicted and also have a probable cause of the addiction, can I overcome it ? Can you ?