Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beyond Copenhagen

I was just listening to some news regarding Copenhagen disaster when I felt like discuss more on the issue of climate change.

So almost all the educated people of this world are aware of the crisis we are going through and that the worst is yet to come, unless we hit the brakes to our careless attitude. And we need to hit the brakes very hard. We must understand where we have got ourselves; yes we, it's not our ancestors who did this damage and not even your neighbor, you are equally responsible as any one else on this earth. You surely doubt that don't you. So you feel you are innocent. Shall we check its validity?

Do you drive your car on a regular basis to a place within 1-2 km of distance and where you can avoid it (now don't ask me where all you can and where you cannot)?

Do you make a little extra effort to ensure that the lights in vacant rooms are not switched on? Or do you ensure that your TV or any gadget for that matter are not in a stand by mode for very long? They might be running on a battery, but that battery is charged from the very same source which is now fast depleting.

DO you ensure that no tap in your house is leaking or running without purpose?

Do you cut on the use of paper when possible?

Do you think twice before discarding a non bio-degradable thing on to barren land?

Do you think often of this crisis?

Most importantly, how often have you tried to analyse how you can help?

I don't need to say anything more about your fault. The answers to these question will convince at least 99% of the readers that they, too, are responsible for this crisis.

So how can we change it?

Firstly, know about what is going on around you. Some facts might seem irritating but they are keys to changing the globe. For example, a large percentage of electricity is lost without actually being used. No, I'm not talking about the loss in transmission, but the loss of energy due to keeping your devices on the stand by mode. If that doesn't shake you, I know what will. "Every watt of energy wasted is also going out from someone's pocket and that might be yours if you are careless enough."

Secondly, try and avoid using vehicles as much as possible. Say, you have a shopping mall 1 km away from your house, so do you actually NEED to use the car? The answer in most cases is a straight no (here I definitely can't change the answer if you excuse yourself by saying that you get tired after work but still take out time to go to gym). And what more, keep your vehicles in a good condition. If saving the environment seems too big a cause for spending the time and money to get it serviced properly, face this; a well serviced and groomed motor-vehicle will in all cases use lesser fuel than one which is not serviced regularly.

I guess to begin with, its sufficient to follow these steps besides those that you extract from the questions I posed to you.

Lets face it, the leaders of this world cannot change the state just by making some laws. We need to respect the laws which will happen only if we respect the environment and not the vice-versa


I realise that there are no readers to my boring blogs. But who cares. I shall blend back into the world from which I try to rise and stand apart. But writing, I guess, is not my cup of tea.
So here's another attempt to please myself.'

I wrote this poem quite sometime ago... the title is "CHOICES"

Here I stand facing diverging roads
Very different from what I've seen before.
Unaware of what lies far ahead
On the various paths present,
I yearn for a guiding hand.

Despite a huge circle of friends
I stand alone confused.
As each one of them have a vision
Of the very distant future, and
Prepare to tread along their chosen routes

The best help is miles away
Immersed in their own problems of the day.
The safest choice for me is to follow the trend
And avoid the road less often taken
Keeping in mind that the safest might not turn out to be the best

Such thoughts trouble me even more
As I'm shaken down to the very core'
Still unaware of what I fear more
Encountering failure on the empty road
Or the absence of satisfaction where the traffic flows

While one path leads to my heart's desire,
Though it does so in a vulnerable manner,
The other guides me to mental secutiry
And that too in a very secure fashion.
Thus making the choice hard to make.

Here I stand facing diverging roads
Very different from what I've seen before
Unaware of what lies far ahead
On the various paths present,
Clinging on hope to survive this enigma

I finally choose to ride the wave
And, for once, submit to the circumstances
Hoping that it doesn't make
Me regret at later stages.
So I just ride along only to be
Thrown on to a piece of land
Where I know what I need
And work towards realising some new-born dreams.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today i realised that a blog shouldn’t be as serious as mine but one that should invite readers. Tough for me. Cause till now all I might have invited with my blogs is either abuse or jobless web-surfers.

So I begin by telling my readers (if any) about myself. I’m a B-Tech student in CSE from IIT-Guwahati in my first year. Ya, I know those who are less aware of IITs think that I’m not in the best place. Maybe not for you, but can’t say the same about me. All I wanted throughout the preparation of IIT-JEE is CSE in one of the 7 IITs and I have it. So now I’m doing my dream course from my dream institute and so I should be all happy and cheerful etc etc. But here comes the catch. I’m the sort of guy whose happiness is determined by not only his success in achieving aspiration but also the academic performance. Though in most cases they are the same. And I’m getting to realise it better. I mean, I feel I’d be much happier if I could score more in such a premiere institute. For those who haven’t guessed it yet, yes, I’m a low scorer in my first sem in IITG. Definitely not a good start. Not even close to what I dreamt of.


SO what do I do now. Move on and like before let my wounds be healed by time.


Well I plan something more grand, at least compare to former option.


So what do I plan to do? Well to begin with, I PLAN to finish as much of my course as early as possible (some of even before I start off with the sem). Secondly, I PLAN to be more regular (it’s a cliché if you know me personally). Thirdly, I PLAN to stay away from most of my seniors (whom I despise and soon when my vacations end, u’ll see this as the only possible place where I’ll vent out my anger against them.) Fourthly, .... You get the idea.... Basically I PLAN to be all nice student and stuff. The student I’ve always inspired to be. But so far the only time I came close to being one was when I was preparing for JEE. So what’s the incentive now...

Hard to say. No short term gains besides a good CPI (which is in some way a mark of respect) but a long term prospect.


Yes i do have a long term prospect. I am for GOOGLE. I know what you are thinking. “Another jerk with a far-fetched goal.” Maybe. But what if it’s not so far-fetched? What if I do get there because of my effort? What if those very grades I despise now are a blessing in disguise and help me re-gain focus?

What if...? Well these questions always haunt me. And maybe that is the reason I work. What if I fail tomorrow? What if I work today and gain what I’ve aspired for due to these efforts? What if despite all barriers between me and the goal, I somehow get it?

Not convinced ? Well lemme give you an example. What if I do some project tomorrow, with some unimaginable consequences? What if GOOGLE knows me then?

So now you think I should work?


Well this began with an attempt to humour my readers but I guess I can’t succeed in that. My arena is serious writing but again what if my attempts transform me. I guess after all this is said, it’ll be safe to assume that the quotation that drives me through this life is, “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”


So this is me signing out readers (whoever there is interested to read it.)

PS: I guess those who know me have identified the writer of this article, because it has some of the peculiar things very hard to find in every other person

Monday, December 14, 2009

A very common battlefield called LIFE

Almost 8 months ago, I had a gone through a fierce battle, so fierce and grand in magnitude that it'll be appropriate to call it a WAR. With lot of hopes, expectations and eyes on me, I went out for the war. Well prepared, confident and with a definite target in my eyes. But alas, as said earlier, things don't work as we want them to. But what was to blame this time was not by laziness, but my attentiveness. Whatever was the cause, the outcome was not pleasing. In a tussel, many lost all they had but again I came out with severe bruises and injuries. Though still I managed to get my hands on my goal, those marks serve as memories to the horrifying day. Friends crying, both for themselves and others, hope lost, faith lost. It was one of those few times when death seems such a good option. The option to start all over seems so enticing, sometimes better than getting any rewards for the unsatisfactory performance. But then time passes, and healing begins. Some vows taken, promises made and the journey continues. One such promise was, "This shall be my worst experience, and no other in future".

"Promises are meant to be broken". And soon we end up on the path of tragedy again. Despite clear indication of a tough time ahead I took less pains. No pain no gain. So when came the brutal time, I as beaten (not to death) among many others (a consolation). Still to survive with new marks and the old ones. The old bruises bleed as new. And bleed even more when I see long lost friends bleeding not at all (engaged in different battle). I know I shall not compare, but its hard to accept, how the members of the same team end up in different positions and perform differently. Some like me lose their mind (and hence their way) while others stick to their path.

As I see them around me, a feeling of envy rises within me. An anger, not caused by others success but my failure, not in battle, but the failure to try my best.

But just like sun shines over us after every dark night, hope rises within me. This was a meager battle. The war can still be won.

Fear of Failure

Some things happen in your life, definitely not the way you wanted them to be. But not directly or entirely your fault. And you are so scared of the outcome that you just wish that you never have to face the day that tests you or points out all your mistakes. You just wish you could be stuck in the preparation phase forever. Never getting to see the judgement day. But the fateful hands of a clock don’t stop. So what do you do. Do you ram into the situation with all you have or you give in. Give in to regret later. Though giving in sounds easier, it isn’t the best way out. Giving the best you have might sound one of those morals from fables, but it isn’t easy as well. It takes more than all you have to be able to give your best. One of the causes: our inability (unlike what most people want to think) to multitask at the conscious level. What happens eventually is that you spend more time regretting about how you could have won the battle with ease had you prepared in time. But then as I said, you can’t go back in time. So then you imagine what you would do for the next battle, that is if you somehow manage to get past this. But getting alive out of a lost battle also has something terrible in store. Though your loved ones will accept you once again and over and over again; deep down they are aware of your faults, mistakes and irresponsible behavior (passing on the blame from one thing to another). And this looms in their eyes, talks, gestures, etc. This adds on to the guilt.

But the future can’t be controlled as well. So all that remains is the present. Giving in your best is all that you can do now hoping to reduce that guilt later. Give in anything less than that, and you give the world another stress victim and subsequently a failure in all aspects.

You fail not when you have not succeeded but when you stop trying.