Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stranger to a Friend

Life and friends; both are incomplete without each other. I have written about friends earlier, here and here, and I'm sure that will be the topic of discussion in many more posts to come. I owe a lot to my friends and I really can't imagine a life without them. But at the same time, I'm intrigued by the realisation that each one of them was once just another stranger to me and now, life without them, is unimaginable

The beginning of a friendship is something that always amazes me. It could be something as inconspicuous as ending up as room-mates or as neighbours; ending up as lab-partners; studying in the same class. It could begin at a discussion about common interests, common problems, "GIRLS" (yes,both boys and girls talk about 'girls' in different perspective though ;-) ) or even 'parents' . The possibilities are limitless.

And before you know it, the person you had just met, is now an integral part of your life. The same people whom you were shy/scared to talk to are now the people who know most about you; the same people whom you'd call by name, are now referred to by a variety of nick-names ( and the real name is even forgotten ); the same people you won't cry in front of, have already helped you through your worst times; the same people you called 'silent' are the one's that talk to you the most; the same people you cribbed about to your 'parents' or old-friends, are the one's you choose over parents to discuss a problem at hand.

All these words come out of mere retrospection of how I met my great friends, but I am sure there are many things about this 'unique' relation that I have missed out here. Feel free to share them with me ( in other words .. leave a comment .. ;-) )


  1. awesome! ayee, lab partner, high five..:)
    "both boys and girls talk about the opposite sex
    in a similar perspective"

  2. Well, well !

    You've put me in a trance. I am wondering how simple friendship is (and how complicated too, at times), yet we abstain from becoming friends with everyone we meet. What holds us back from becoming friends with someone and what pushes us to be, with someone else? I shall try to figure out an answer to my self-devised question and put it on my blog [Hint Hint !!].

  3. This is so true! Many friendships are also formed through friends of friends, though. My closest friends are from high school but college and the experience of living in such close proximity to other people has resulted in a great friends as well. Personally, I still pick family over friends to discuss things with, but I know what you mean.
    And, yes, we ALL talk about girls - and females do it in a different way. But I'd argue that opposite sex-related conversations (for heterosexual people, at least) are what gets people close very quickly :P

  4. @amani ..
    I definitely meant 'a different way' ...
    I just meant to convey that girls do talk about each other (sometimes behind their backs ;-) ).
    " I'd argue that opposite sex-related conversations (for heterosexual people, at least) are what gets people close very quickly :P " -- I support that .. :D