Sunday, June 10, 2012

Any thoughts - Part 1

How do you distinguish between what you like and what you want to like ?
Irritating question, right ? I know what you are thinking, "This guy's a nut-head. What does that question even mean ?" I won't blame you for having those thoughts because I am not even certain if there is a difference, but I have only a slightest bit of doubt.

A parent wanting a boy but ending up with a girl. The girl wishing to win the parent's love and eventually living most of her life trying to impress that parent, maybe even succeeding, yet doing something for someone else's happiness.
No, no that plot is in no way related to me (you should have guessed that since I am not a girl in the first place :P ). All I am trying to do is drive home the point that there are cases where someone unknowingly forces oneself to like an activity or an outcome. But this example does have the problem that the girl really does have the desire to please the parent, which in turn leads her to accept something she might not have. (I did point out that I am just 'doubtful' of this entire thing, didn't I ?)

What I am trying to get at is what if 'some' consequence of an activity is what pleases you but not the activity itself and I am unaware of this fact ? "What's the harm of such a confusion ?", you'd ask. What if your interpretation drives you to do that activity often but get away from the consequence that you were looking for ? Would you still be happy ?

PS : As the title suggests, I intend to have this share a series of posts. If I will go ahead and share all of them is not certain, considering my laziness and a history of short-lived ideas.


  1. I think the answer is related to the difference between passion and ability. You might like doing something that you are good at, but you maybe really passionate about something that you can never be excellent at (if i am making any sense!)

    1. You make perfect sense ! But what do you go after then ? Continue improving up on something that you like and are good at or leave everything for the passion ?

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  3. Doesn't this happen to all of us all the time. Be it watching a stupid soap with friends or just hanging out at croma leaving all the birds unseen or a person sacrificing personal career for the family's sake. I guess the word you are looking for is 'preferences'.

  4. Valid question Rajat and agreed with Gourav on the ans. I had my overtly philosophical phase too, the glimpses of which I still get sometimes.....