Monday, April 19, 2010

Some lessons of life

Since the beginning of life, I have always compared. Compared marks, effort, efficiency, and what not. I've always wanted myself to be on the leading side; I even mean be the one putting in more effort but then I do expect better efficiency as well.

But this life, never works the way you want. This is something I've learned through innumerable incidents and events. But I've also learnt one thing. . . "THOU SHALL NOT COMPARE"

Before me are living examples of GOD... These are people who are way beyond the worldly worries. Nothing, absolutely nothing can push them to worry. I love to see this attitude. Some might find it irritating, some irrational. But how I see it is that it lets them concentrate on what makes them happy.

If you didn't get the importance of the last statement, let me make it more clear. This gives them the opportunity to devote 100% of their attention to what they love doing unlike most of us who's lives are occupied by things that we do just to ensure that they don't trouble us. We do most things because not doing them makes us worry.

Let me give you an example. I study some subjects just because not studying them gives me the fear of failing. But these guys don't get that fear. So such a guy would spend more time on what he likes and be happier.

I guess you get the point. I envy them, I envy their attitude, I envy their capability and I aim to be one of them. But I fear the impact of "Not comparing" on me. Will I be as happy as them and improve my performance or is it the way my brain motivates itself, to keep the challenge alive.

But once again, talking about performance, I'm coming back to the comparison.


  1. Hey! Just going through your blog after a long time. I just realized that I had bookmarked it when you'd given me the link, but I never remembered to read it after that:P
    Anyway, you are so right about "comparing". But I think that just goes with the whole experience of being human. Yes, even I admire those completely confident and carefree people who don't seem to compare themselves to others. But I think there are very few of them. They're the exception, not the norm. And most of us need to go through that frustrating journey of becoming one of those "Gods".
    And, frankly, I don't believe that even they are 100% carefree.

  2. hey i do agree....
    but all the time what we like doing/love doing
    isnt what v have to be doing

    so i guess though u kno that, one must get over with their responsibilites first