Monday, December 14, 2009

Fear of Failure

Some things happen in your life, definitely not the way you wanted them to be. But not directly or entirely your fault. And you are so scared of the outcome that you just wish that you never have to face the day that tests you or points out all your mistakes. You just wish you could be stuck in the preparation phase forever. Never getting to see the judgement day. But the fateful hands of a clock don’t stop. So what do you do. Do you ram into the situation with all you have or you give in. Give in to regret later. Though giving in sounds easier, it isn’t the best way out. Giving the best you have might sound one of those morals from fables, but it isn’t easy as well. It takes more than all you have to be able to give your best. One of the causes: our inability (unlike what most people want to think) to multitask at the conscious level. What happens eventually is that you spend more time regretting about how you could have won the battle with ease had you prepared in time. But then as I said, you can’t go back in time. So then you imagine what you would do for the next battle, that is if you somehow manage to get past this. But getting alive out of a lost battle also has something terrible in store. Though your loved ones will accept you once again and over and over again; deep down they are aware of your faults, mistakes and irresponsible behavior (passing on the blame from one thing to another). And this looms in their eyes, talks, gestures, etc. This adds on to the guilt.

But the future can’t be controlled as well. So all that remains is the present. Giving in your best is all that you can do now hoping to reduce that guilt later. Give in anything less than that, and you give the world another stress victim and subsequently a failure in all aspects.

You fail not when you have not succeeded but when you stop trying.

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