Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today i realised that a blog shouldn’t be as serious as mine but one that should invite readers. Tough for me. Cause till now all I might have invited with my blogs is either abuse or jobless web-surfers.

So I begin by telling my readers (if any) about myself. I’m a B-Tech student in CSE from IIT-Guwahati in my first year. Ya, I know those who are less aware of IITs think that I’m not in the best place. Maybe not for you, but can’t say the same about me. All I wanted throughout the preparation of IIT-JEE is CSE in one of the 7 IITs and I have it. So now I’m doing my dream course from my dream institute and so I should be all happy and cheerful etc etc. But here comes the catch. I’m the sort of guy whose happiness is determined by not only his success in achieving aspiration but also the academic performance. Though in most cases they are the same. And I’m getting to realise it better. I mean, I feel I’d be much happier if I could score more in such a premiere institute. For those who haven’t guessed it yet, yes, I’m a low scorer in my first sem in IITG. Definitely not a good start. Not even close to what I dreamt of.


SO what do I do now. Move on and like before let my wounds be healed by time.


Well I plan something more grand, at least compare to former option.


So what do I plan to do? Well to begin with, I PLAN to finish as much of my course as early as possible (some of even before I start off with the sem). Secondly, I PLAN to be more regular (it’s a clichĂ© if you know me personally). Thirdly, I PLAN to stay away from most of my seniors (whom I despise and soon when my vacations end, u’ll see this as the only possible place where I’ll vent out my anger against them.) Fourthly, .... You get the idea.... Basically I PLAN to be all nice student and stuff. The student I’ve always inspired to be. But so far the only time I came close to being one was when I was preparing for JEE. So what’s the incentive now...

Hard to say. No short term gains besides a good CPI (which is in some way a mark of respect) but a long term prospect.


Yes i do have a long term prospect. I am for GOOGLE. I know what you are thinking. “Another jerk with a far-fetched goal.” Maybe. But what if it’s not so far-fetched? What if I do get there because of my effort? What if those very grades I despise now are a blessing in disguise and help me re-gain focus?

What if...? Well these questions always haunt me. And maybe that is the reason I work. What if I fail tomorrow? What if I work today and gain what I’ve aspired for due to these efforts? What if despite all barriers between me and the goal, I somehow get it?

Not convinced ? Well lemme give you an example. What if I do some project tomorrow, with some unimaginable consequences? What if GOOGLE knows me then?

So now you think I should work?


Well this began with an attempt to humour my readers but I guess I can’t succeed in that. My arena is serious writing but again what if my attempts transform me. I guess after all this is said, it’ll be safe to assume that the quotation that drives me through this life is, “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”


So this is me signing out readers (whoever there is interested to read it.)

PS: I guess those who know me have identified the writer of this article, because it has some of the peculiar things very hard to find in every other person

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  1. too gud rajat.never got to knw u had a writer in u.u on d way to b next chetan bhagat.nd ppl don't knw abt ur blog much. once dey knw u ll get a grt response.