Saturday, January 8, 2011

Accept or Deny ?

Denial is one of the most common responses of human to prevent himself from facing or accepting a harsh truth. It allows the person to accept what he wants and live life accordingly and make appropriate changes to his ideology. Escaping from reality is something that humans try often; some succeed, some don't. 

Is that what I'm doing? Denying ; denying that I'm falling into it; denying that I can't keep her outside my head. Am I trying to escape confessing the truth; the truth that I too can be shaken by someone, shaken to the core, shaken and left to ask for more. Am I 'running away' and more importantly, 'can' I run away from this?

When someONE demands more space in your head but part of you wants to deny the mere existence of such an idea, you are headed into a war; a war not fought with guns or swords, but with tools more powerful; tools that can render the brain temporarily useless. But surprisingly, whichever side wins, YOU, and no one else, are the loser. 

So, denial or acceptance, which shall it be then ? 


  1. Hmm.. it's a normal tendency to blind yourself to reality if you don't like it. To mentally run away from it.
    But you know what, you need to end up facing it anyhow. At some point you will.
    It's like how when you're not prepared you don't want to think about exams. Maybe you should prepare yourself.

    You wont lose if you've come to terms with yourself. Once you've cleared your mind and know what you want, things are one step closer to getting solved.

  2. alwayz gud to acceptd truth.u can't lie to urself for too long.