Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fighting authority

Very often in life one comes across a point when to eradicate the cause of his persistent unhappiness, one must confront the authority, the same authority responsible for making life better, simpler, enjoyable for him.

The one with power is expected to guide those without it. But what happens when that ONE loses his path, forgets his purpose and finds another one? What happens when that very person supposed to help them becomes the one they need to be helped against? What happens if he turns a blind eye to all the anguish rising among those beneath? But is there anything that can be done against it?

No one from the masses comes forward for the fear of abandonment. Those who rise alone are crushed. Worse is what happens with those who try to inspire. The powerful never touches the strong, but breaks the weak, and arouses further fear among those left, causing distrust in the one who led them all against authority. How does one expect to fight an Injustice in such a world, where one's own ego is everything to him; not even other's tears can move him.

No wonder those who have stood against any supremacy till date have been immortalized by constant references to them in historical symbols. I guess, to throw over the authority, at least ONE man needs to be prepared to sacrifice all he has; sometimes even his life.

NOTE : Inspired by a personal experience of brutality by a powerful person.


  1. Unity and numbers on your side is all thats needed for a successful revolt.Do you have it on your side

  2. sure i think most of the crushed person will support us......

  3. sorry my friend...but the compiler returned "segmentation fault"

  4. Dude...i guess no one is so selfless to sacrifice for the plight of the others..unless its u..
    neways nicc expression..u shud hav gone further..