Thursday, November 18, 2010

Strange feelings

Life is funny. Funny how throughout your life all you care about is yourself, all you think about is yourself, its always about "YOU"; but then one day it all changes. You don't want it to be that way any more. You WANT to think and care about someone else, and not even expect the same in return.

How all your grief vanishes just by that one person's smile or laugh? How all your achievements, happiness seems pointless if it cannot make that ONE smile? And how all of this happens SO suddenly, that you can't help but wonder, "When the transition actually took place?" But no answer can be found.

Though somewhere, as with any good will, there's hope of recognition yet there's barely any attempt to do so. It even seems acceptable to be a guardian angel, a distant protector; watching over, trying to make sure no harm befalls her. It seems a matter of privilege to be able to offer your shoulder for crying although you hope that doesn't happen often; or rather it never happens.

Truly, life and human behaviour is all so strange; so unpredictable; and probably these are the things that make life worth living.


  1. I'd have put it this way :
    Its not that "these" things make life worth living, infact its the life itself which was meant/given us so as to (act as a platform to) let "such" things HAPPEN.

    In my opinion, life does not affect events, its the events which concoct(mix-up in some random order) one's life; one's nature depends on the mixture of events and one's emotions & will on the order of their happening.
    (I would still call the line after the ";" to be a Beta-version :P )

    P.S.: Be more expressive in the next post while keeping up the same spirit !

  2. Everything is strange until you accept it, once you do that nothing is strange any longer as you walk on from that emotional state hence like this
    'happiness' you are talking about, anger or love or perversion or anything is strange and normal simultaneously.

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  4. Let me put it this way.

    If such events did not happen in a persons life and If such a special someone never existed in an individuals heart,

    Well, humanity would find it hard to propagate. :P
    These feelings are probably natures way of forcing the inevitable act