Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life : That's the way it is

Everything in life comes at a price; be it materialistic gains or mental peace, everything demands something in return. No one should ever expect to get anything out of life without putting in something from their own side. Success in general demands you to work day and night, work with nothing else in mind. Success, is like a mistress that needs to be pleased before it accepts to walk along with you. And to keep it that way, you need to show your admiration, adoration and appreciation for her at all times. Falter once, and you lose all that has been gained; it is harder to please an angry woman than to make her fall in love with you for the first time. And the same is true with success.

Readers here might be wondering why I draw this "preposterous" analogy so here is my excuse : "The two characters compared are currently the only things in my mind, making it harder for me to choose the 'mistress' I want to secure first."


  1. aweosme..!:)nice analogy..:)

  2. Good shit bro. I'm gonna give you the best advice anyone ever gave me, "Don't take yourself so seriously."

  3. you're getting better and better at ur articles... I especially liked the "preposterous analogy" :)

  4. Cool analogy, but it's obvious which "mistress" should be picked. In both cases, one would be working hard and facing challenges. The difference is that success makes it all worth it. It builds character, gives you confidence and gets you respect. But someones who needs you "to show your admiration, adoration and appreciation for her at all times" should either get off her high horse or be politely told to go to hell. Choose success over a fussy excuse for a human being anyday.